Year: 1983
Director: Woody Allen
Producers: Robert Greenhut, Charles H. Joffe (executive), Michael Peyser (associate), Jack Rollins (executive)
Woody is: Leonard Zelig
Also starring:
Mia Farrow
Written by: Woody Allen
Cinematography: Gordon Willis
Music: Dick Hyman
Net resource: The Internet Movie Database


As a boy, Leonard Zelig is frequently bullied by anti-Semites. His parents, who never take his part and blame him for everything, side with the anti-Semites.
[Leonard Zelig is apologizing on radio to all the people he misrepresented himself to:]
I especially want to apologize to the Trochman family in Detroit..... I never delivered a baby before, and I just thought that ice tongs were the way to do it.


Thanks to C. Woods for trivia.
Anders Herman Torp
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