Wild Man Blues

Year: 1997
Director: Barbara Kopple
Producer: Jean Doumanian
Woody is: playing jazz ;-)
Cinematography: Tom Hurwitz
Music: Woody Allen's Jazz Band
Net resource: Fine Line Feature
The Internet Movie Database
Sundance Film Festival


This is a documentary from Woody's European Jazz Tour.


  • Poster.
  • Woody playing.
  • Woody playing.
  • Quotes

    Woody: There's nothing there between you and the pure feeling of playing. There's no cerebral part to it.
    Woody: With intelligence comes great responsibility.
    Woody: I'm appropriately animate for a human being in the context in which I exist.
    Woody: The Europeans like pictures that drone on, and I'm good at making pictures that drone on.
    Woody: This is Soon-Yi Previn, the notorious Soon-Yi Previn.

    Anders Herman Torp
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