The Sunshine Boys


Year: 1995
Woody is: Al Lewis
Also starring:
Peter Falk: Willy Clark
Sarah Jessica Parker: Nancy Clark
Whoopi Goldberg: Nurse
Remake of: Herbert Ross' "The Sunshine Boys" (1975)
Written by: Neil Simon
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    Now it has finally been on television in the States! It was on CBS 28 December 1997!

    Sonia told me:

    Just a quick note to let you know that The Sunshine Boys video is also available here in Spain, for rent or sale. It has a very nice cover, Dolby Surround sound - and the movie is great! Price is about 17$.
    "NIR M" told me:
    Apparently, BOYS is to be broadcast here on the Isareli cable service on Saturday, 24/8/96.
    Simon wrote on news:
    Yes it is Woody in a remake of the george burns movie. I own a video shop in Australia and can confirm this. Woody's character is obsessed with a home shopping channel. I havent seen the original so I cannot comment on its likeness or otherwise to the original. I believe that it is to be broadcast on tv in your next ratings season.
    "Laughing Madcap" wrote on news:
    Is this the George Burns movie? If so, Woody had nothing to do with it, but was rumoured to have been starring in a television remake a while back. I never did here anything official about that project, and the night it was supposed to have been aired there was a Barbara Streisand concert on in its stead. BTW, George Burns was 80 years old (a record) when he won an Academy Award for Sunshine Boys.
    Simon told me:
    The Sunshine boys starring Woody and Peter Falk in the remake of the Burns and Matthau movie of same name is available on video here in Australia.

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