Stardust Memories


Year: 1980
Director: Woody Allen
Producer: Charles H. Joffe and Jack Rollins
Woody is: Sandy Bates
Also starring:
Jessica Harper: Daisy
Charlotte Rampling: Dorrie
Marie-Christine Barrault: Isobel
Tony Roberts: Tony
Sharon Stone: Pretty Girl on train
Brent Spiner: Fan in Lobby
Written by: Woody Allen
Cinematography: Gordon Willis
Music: Dick Hyman
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But you know, I've never been able to fall in love. I've never been able to find the perfect woman. There's always something wrong. And then I met Doris. A wonderful woman. Great personality. But for some reason, I'm just not turned on sexually by her. Don't ask me why. And then I met Rita. An animal. Nasty, mean, trouble. And I love going to bed with her. Though afterward I always wished that I was back with Doris. And then, I thought to myself, if only I could put Doris's brain in Rita's body. Wouldn't that be wonderful? And I though, Why not? What the hell, I'm a surgeon. . . So, I performed the operation and everything went perfectly. I switched their personalities and I took all the badness and put it over there. And I made Rita into a warm, wonderful, charming, sexy, sweet, giving, mature woman. And then I fell in love with Doris.
There are only two things that you can control in life: art and masturbation.
To you I'm an atheist; to God, I'm the Loyal Opposition.


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    Taken from the Credits:
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    "Just One of Those Things"
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