Radio Days

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Year: 1987
Director: Woody Allen
Producer: Robert Greenhut
Woody is: Narrator
Julie Kavner: Mother
Michael Tucker: Father
Wallace Shawn: Masked Avenger
Josh Mostel: Abe
Dianne Wiest: Bea
Mia Farrow: Sally White
Danny Aiello: Rocco
Jeff Daniels: Biff Baxter
Tony Roberts: "Silver Dollar" Emcee
Diane Keaton: New Year's Singer
Written by: Woody Allen
Cinematography: Carlo Di Palma
Soundtrack: Available
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    Did you know that the burglars scene from "Radio days" was inspired by a Spanish film for the 50s called "Historias de la radio" (Stories from the radio) directed by Alvaro Saenz de Heredia? (Carlos)

    Favorite Quotes and Sound

    [Sound] The scene is Rockaway. The time is my childhood. It's my old neighborhood and... forgive me if I tend to romanticize the past, I mean, it wasn't always as stormy and rain-swept as this, but I remember it that way because that was it as its most beautiful.
    [Sound] Narrator: And then there were my father and mother. Two people who could find an argument in any subject.
    Father: Wait a minute. Are you telling me you think the Atlantic is a greater ocean than the Pacific?
    Mother: No, have it your way. The Pacific is greater.
    Narrator: I mean, how many people fight over oceans?
    [Sound] What's the fuzz?
    Got a big date. Mr Manulis finally asked her out.
    Oh, what did he do? Go blind?
    [Sound] Bea: Oh gosh. When you know it, right out here on the tip of Breezy Point, too.
    Manulis: Looks like we are stuck here. At least to the fog [?].
    Bea: Oh well. What's a girl to do?
    Bea: Oh Sidney. Oh Sidney, this is our first date together.
    Manulis: Oh Bea, you know how I feel about you.
    Radio reporter: We interrupt this program to bring you a special news bulletin. A state of emergency has been declared by the President of the United States. We're switching live to Wilson Glenn, New Jersey, where the landing of hundreds of unidentified spacecraft has now been officially confirmed as a full scale invasion of the Earth by Martians. [...]
    Narrator: Despite his bravado all evening, Mr. Manulis paniced and bolted out of the car. He was so frightened by the reports of inter-planetarian invasion that he ran off; leaving Aunt Bea to contend with the slimy green monsters he expected to drop from the sky at any moment. She walked home; six miles. When Mr. Manulis called her for a date the next week she told my mother to tell him she couldn't see him anymore, she had married a Martian.
    [Sound] Sally: Boy, that was fast. Probably helped I had the hick-ups.
    Roger: ... get back to the table.
    [Sound] Today's story is about a baseball player. His name was Kirby Kyle. [...] He was a kid with a great future. But one day, he went hunting. [...] Chasing a rabbit, he stumbled, and his rifle went off. The bullet entered his leg. Two days later it was amputated. [...] He had one leg, but he had something more important: he had heart.
    The following winter another accident caused Kirby Kyle an arm. Fortunately not his pitching arm. He had one leg and one arm, but more than that, he had heart.
    The next winter, going after a duck, his gun misfired. He was blind. But he had instinct as to were to throw the baseball. Instinct and heart. The following year, Kirby Kyle was run over by a truck and killed. The following season he won eighteen games in the big league in the Sky.
    [Sound] He's a ventriloquist on the radio. How do you know he is not moving his lips?
    Who cares? Leave me alone....
    [Sound] Narrator: The country never got to hear her act. Because at the last minute fate stepped in.
    Reporter: The Japanese has bombed Pearl Harbor. [...]
    Sally: What do we do? Come back Monday? Who is Pearl Harbor?
    [Sound] Don't you want to hit the hot spot and drink Champagne from my slipper?
    I can't take that much liquid.

    Anders Herman Torp
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