Play It Again, Sam


Year: 1972
Director: Herbert Ross
Woody is: Allan Felix
Also starring:
Diane Keaton:Linda Christie
Tony Roberts: Dick Christie
Jerry Lacy: Bogart
Written by: Woody Allen
Cinematography: Owen Roizman
Net resource: The Internet Movie Database


"Play It Again Sam", Original Dialouge And Music Soundtrack Album, Paramount Records PAS 1004, Released May 1972


I love the rain, It washes the memories off the sidewalk of life.
Woody quoting Bogey to himself in the bar: "...nothing a little bourbon and soda couldn't fix"
Woody takes one sip, spits is out, coughs and passes out
She wants to ski down the mountain laughing like an idiot.
Diane: My God. Can't you cook anything but that TV dinner?
Woody: Who bothers to cook them? I suck them frozen.
Woody and Diane discuss Aspirin and Darvan
Tony: The two of you should get married and move into a hospital.
Tony: You've been investing your emotions on a loosing stock. It was wiped out, dropped off the board. Now, what do you do, Allan? You reinvest. Maybe in a more stable stock, something with long term growth possibilities.
Woody: What? You're gonna fix me up with General Motors?
What are you planning on doing Saturday night?
Committing suicide!
Well... how about Friday night?
Did you hear there was a rape in Oakland?
I was no where *near* there last night.
I'm so excited - I think today I'm going to brush all my teeth.
Are there spiders at the beach? Anything with more than two legs that crawls across my chest just kills me...
Don't take those candles, they're for a Jewish Holiday


  • Diana and Woody in front of a Casablanca poster
  • Around the table
  • Woody and Bogey (drawing)
  • Woody as Bogey

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