Mighty Aphrodite

Picture from the film

Year: 1995
Director: Woody Allen
Woody is: Lenny Weinrib
Also starring:
F. Murray Abraham : Greek Chorus Leader
Claire Bloom: Amanda's Mother
Helena Bonham Carter: Amanda
Olympia Dukakis: Jocasta
Michael Rapaport: Kevin
Mira Sorvino: Linda
David Ogden Stiers: Laius
Peter Weller: Jerry Bender
Jack Warden (?)
Written by: Woody Allen
Cinematography: Carlo DiPalma
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  • Mira & Woody in sofa
  • Mira
  • Michael Rapaport and Woody
  • Kevin and Linda on their first date.
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    "Mighty Aphrodite" soundtrack, Sony Classical SK 62253.
    1. "Neo Minore"
      Vassilis Tsitsanis in Solo Bouzouki
    2. "Horos Tou Sakena"
      George Zambetas in Solo Bouzouki
    3. "I've Found a New Baby"
      Wilbur de Paris
    4. "Whispering"
      The Benny Goodman Orchestra
    5. "Manhattan"
      Carmen Cavallaro
    6. "When Your Lover Has Gone"
      Bert Ambrose and his Orchestra
    7. "L'il Darlin'"
      The Count Basie Orchestra
    8. "Take Five"
      The Dave Brubeck Quartet
    9. "Penthouse Serenade (When We're Alone)"
      Erroll Garner
    10. "I Hadn't Anyone Till You"
      Erroll Gardner
    11. "The 'In' Crowd"
      Ramsey Lewis
    12. "You Do Something to Me"
      Dick Hyman Chorus
    13. "When You're Smiling (The Whole World Smiles with You)"
      Dick Hyman Chorus and Orchestra


    Michele told me:
    It is Lenny who wants to find Max's birth mother (Amanda is unaware that this is going on); Michael Rappaport and Mira Sorvino's characters are not married in the film-- Lenny attempts to set Linda up with this rather dumb boxer type, in an attempt to get her out of her life in prostitution. Disaster inevitably ensues with great humor...

    Tim told me:
    Woody and Helena Bonham Carter's characters are married and adopt a child. But according to the November issue of Premiere magazine, their neuroses kick in and they have an overwhelming urge to find the baby's birth mother, played by Mira Sorvino, who has called her role "the best dumb blonde role I've ever read".

    Michael Rapaport plays a boxer who spars "at least verbally" with Woody, according to a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly. And in the November issue of Premiere, Dianne Wiest, who isn't in the film but has seen it, said that it is "Woody's funniest film ever".

    Tim told me:
    It stars Woody Allen as a New York sports writer married to Helen Bonham Carter as, I believe a gallery owner. It is already being compared to Husbands and Wives in the way it looks at the relationships of two married couples, the other played by Michael Rappaport and Mia Sorvino. According to a recent issue of USA Today, the film will have a Greek Chorus.

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