Deconstructing Harry

Logo Woody, Elisabeth, and Billy

Year: 1997
Director: Woody Allen
Woody is: Harry Block
Also starring:
Caroline Aaron: Doris
Kirstie Alley: Joan
Bob Balaban: Richard
Richard Benjamin: Ken
Eric Bogosian: Burt
Billy Crystal: Larry
Judy Davis: Lucy
Hazelle Goodman: Cookie
Julie Kavner: Grace
Mariel Hemingway: Beth Kramer
Amy Irving: Jane
Eric Lloyd: Hilly Block
Julia Louis-Dreyfus: Leslie
Tobey Maguire: Harvey Stern
Demi Moore: Helen
Elisabeth Shue: Fay
Stanley Tucci: Paul Epstein
Robin Williams: Mel
Annette Arnold: Rosalee
Gene Skas: Harry's father
Written by: Woody Allen
Producer: Jean Doumanian
J. E. Beaucaire
Letty Aronson
Editor: Susan B. Morse
Cinematographer: Carlo DiPalma
Santo Loquasto
Status: It wrapped production on Dec. 9th, 1996.
Opening movie at the Movie Festival in Venice.
US release: December 12
Official Web site
Review: Aint-it-cool
David Baldwin



Fine Line has made the trailer available for download!


Read Variety's review.


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  • Woody, Elisabeth, and Billy
  • Tim told me about an article in Entertainment Weekly:
    Elisabeth Shue was so nervous when she showed up for her first scene with Allen, she was actually relieved that the first shot of his new comedy called for them to kiss. "It broke the ice," says Shue, playing a budding writer who falls first for a literary lion (Allen), then for another writer (Crystal). "And no, I'm not going to describe the kiss because it would sound too bizarre in print." Costar Hemingway, in contrast, had already kissed Allen--way back in Manhattan, when she was cast as his underage girlfriend at 16. Though she's kept in touch with Allen over the years, Hemingway says she still had a bad case of nerves about playing an Upper East Side mom who thinks Allen's character, Harry, is "a disgusting human being." She thinks Allen the person is anything but disgusting and has harsh words for anyone who thinks otherwise. "He's not some evil ogre," she says. "He made a bad decision with Mia's daughter and has had to pay too high a price for it. You can see he's in deep pain, he's kind of bruised."
    Fine Line Features told us May 13:
    A division of New Line Cinema has acquired North American distribution rights to Woody Allen's latest film. Read more:
    Aaron wrote on news:
    [Woody] tried to get Eliot Gould to play the tole, but theatre obligations prevented it so Woody will be playing the title role. In an interview in the Boston Globe he called it a "painful comedy" and referred to it being like Husbands and Wives in that vein.
    "Steep Throat" told me Jan 3:
    You can add Eric Lloyd to the cast of Deconstructing Harry. He plays Woody's son. It is rumored Eric will be in the new Batman film, and also possibly the next Star Wars film.
    Bill told me Dec 12:
    From the Dec. 9th NEW YORKER interview:
    'Deconstructing Harry' was originally called 'The Worst Man In The World'; in it Allen brazenly addresses what he percieves as the public's view of him. "I'm going right into the teeth of it," he says. "It's about a nasty, shallow, superficial, sexually obsessed guy. I'm sure everyone will think--I know this going in--they'll think it's me."
    Brian told me Nov 23:
    Woody's next film, Deconstructing Harry, boasts a huge cast:
    Demi Moore, Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, Kirstie Alley, Elisabeth Shue, Judy Davis, Amy Irving, Kate Nelligan, Mariel hemingway, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, Hazelle Goodman, Tobey Maguire, Bob Balaban, Richard Benjamin, Julie Kavner, Judd Hirsch and Woody Allen himself. I'm sure I forgot someone, but I have seen these actors names attached in at least one of the many articles I've read about "Deconstructing Harry".
    Anonymous told me:
    US Magazine (week of November 22 -- Nicole Kidman on cover) includes a photo of Woody and Robin Williams on the set of "Deconstructing Harry."
    USA Today told us the (working?) title on 1 Oct:
    Deconstructing Harry is a dark comedy [...]
    Aaron told us on news Sep 5:
    Woody Allen has chosen a virtual unknown to play the female lead in his next movie. Hazelle Goodman has no real acting experience, aside from the one-woman HBO show in which she played a range of characters. Goodman will join Demi Moore, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Judy Davis in Allen's cast. After failing to get Elliot Gould out of a stage obligation, Allen will take the male lead himself. Variety says Allen also is recruiting Robin Williams for a cameo.
    Connor told me Aug 7:
    From yesterday's USA TODAY: "DEMI MOORE has been cast in WOODY ALLEN's next film in "one of many roles, but not the lead," Allen spokeswoman Leslee Dart says. Filming starts this fall in New York, and Dart is fairly confident Allen won't take an acting role. Could Moore have accepted less than her $12 million "Striptease" paycheck? "I don't know for sure, but I'd bet my farm on that," Dart laughs.
    Kevin told me Aug 5:
    Demi Moore is about to take a big shift in direction. Moore, whose recent credits have included the steamy, the sensational and the spectacular -- ranging from "Disclosure" to "Striptease" to the currently filming "G.I. Jane" -- is set to star in a much-more low key project: Woody Allen's next film, due to start shooting in October. For her efforts, she will receive a mere fraction of the $12.5 million she got for "Striptease." Instead, she'll pick up the same paycheck as all the other actors in the cast, which includes Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Judy Davis, Kate Nelligan, Mariel Hemingway, Amy Irving and Kirstie Alley. Robin Williams is also in talks to star in the leading role of a writer whose fantasies and real life intersect. (Stephen Galloway)
    Aaron told me:
    AP says Julia Louis Dreyfuss (of Saturday night Live and Seinfeld) will be the female lead in the next film he shoots this fall. He made schedule adjustments so she could do the film and the show at the same time.


  • At the table.
  • Woody, Elisabeth, and Billy

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