Everyone Says I Love You

Woody and Julia

Year: 1996
Director: Woody Allen
Woody is: Joe
Also starring:
Alan Alda: Bob
Drew Barrymore: Skylar
Lukas Haas: Scott
Goldie Hawn: Steffi
Gaby Hoffman: Lane
Natasha Lyonne: DJ
Edward Norton: Holden
Natalie Portman: Laura
Julia Roberts: Von
Tim Roth: Charles Ferry
David Ogden Stiers: Holden's Father
Written by: Woody Allen
Release dates: Video: August 12 (US)



  • Alan and Goldie
  • Drew and Edward
  • Drew
  • Julia
  • Lyonne
  • Natalie
  • Tim
  • Woody and Julia
  • Woody and Natasha

  • Tim and Drew (Not part of the movie, but I keep it here anyway...)
  • Woody and Goldie dancing.
  • Web Site for behind the scenes.
  • Trivia


    Music on the soundtrack:

    Just You, Just Me
    My Baby Just Cares For Me
    I'm a Dreamer
    Makin' Whoopie
    I'm Thru with Love
    All My Life
    Cuddle Up a Little Closer
    Looking At You
    If I Had You
    Enjoy Yourself
    Chiquita Banana
    Hooray for Captain Spaulding
    Everyone Says I Love You
    Captain Spaulding
    Hooray for Captain Spaulding
    The African explorer
    (Did somone call me 'schnorrer'?)
    Hooray hooray hooray!

    He went into the jungle
    Where all the monkeys throw nuts
    (If I stay here I go nuts)
    Hooray hooray hooray!

    He put all his reliance
    In courage and defiance
    And risked his life for science
    Hey Hey!

    He is the only white man
    Who covered every acre
    (I think try and make her)
    Hooray hooray hoorah!


    If you have Real Audio, you can listen to Alan Alda commenting this film.

    Joanna told me Aug 11:

    I just saw a screening of Allen's new musical - Everybody Says I Love You. It was good (I am a real fan), but not very typical of Woody's work. It was suprisingly light without the deep neurotic discussions we all know, love, and expect form his work. Julia Roberts is not his daughter in the film, rather she is his girlfriend. Everyone in the film sings, and their performances are not that bad (with the exception of Julia Roberts who has no singing ability whatsoever). Allen is a divorced writer who lives in Paris and is still friendly with his ex-wife (Goldie) and her present husband (Alda) who live in Manhattan. They are five kids, and their parentage is unclear. On the whole, I enjoyed the movie and I recommend it to anyone who is a musical fan (regardless of your feelings on Woody).
    Aaron told us on news:
    Allen Musical Out in Dec.
    Woody Allen's comedy musical, "Everyone Says I Love You," will be released domestically in December by Miramax. Written, directed by and starring Allen, "Everyone" also features Alan Alda, Drew Barrymore, Lukas Haas, Goldie Hawn, Gaby Hoffman, Edward Norton, Natalie Portman, Julia Roberts and Tim Roth. The picture, Allen's 26th, was filmed in New York, Venice and Paris. He hinted at his new creative direction at the end of "Mighty Aphrodite" when he included a production number with a dancing Greek chorus set to "When You're Smiling."
    Juli told me:
    I'm sure you've heard that before the concert could take place that the Fenice Theatre in Venice burned to the ground. (see Fenice Theater at http://www.gpnet.it/fenice/) The concert took place in another theatre but Woody was saddened to learn that this beautiful theatre burned down.

    The city of Venice and other institutions world wide are gathering funds to re-build the Fenice and now Woody has offered to hold the World Premiere of his new film here in Venice.

    Egoman wrote on news 24 Feb 1996:
    Official press release, sent to the media on 2-23-96:
    Everybody loves a good old fashioned musical and who better to bring it to the screen than Woody Allen? Yes indeed, Woody Allen's highly anticipated fall project is a modern day musical comedy called "Everybody says I Love You" starring (in alphabetical order) Alan Alda, Woody Allen, Drew Barrymore, Goldie Hawn, Gaby Hoffman, Edward Norton, Natalie Portman, Julia Roberts and Tim Roth. Alan Alda, who had wanted to do a musical for years, was thrilled when approached about the project by longtime friend and producer Jean Doumanian. Filmed on location in Paris, Venice and New York, "Everyone Says I Love You" promises to bring movie musicals back to popularity.
    Matt Revis wrote on news 15 Dec 1995:
    Woody Allen was filming the new movie at Columbia University Graduate School of Business this fall. It was a musical scene.
    Bernard Klainberg wrote on news 08 Dec 1995 [article slighty modified]:
    Yes , fans of the WoodMan...........just spent 2 glorius days with Woody, Goldie Hawn, Alan Alda, Drew Barrymore, Julia R. etc. filming the next one, due sep or oct '96 --- no title yet, Maybe the word RITZ will be in title....... filmed on beach, in the Hamptons, NY ... the master is good at throwing rocks into ocean to make them skip..... allowed me one direction, watch for beach scene, with luscious Goldie in hammock, my shadow is in scene......Alan Alda, looks great, amusing.
    Price Charles wrote on news 30 Sep 1995 00:32:06 GMT:
    Woody Does Italy - Cameras rolled Sept. 11 in Venice on the Italian sequences of Woody Allen's next feature, a comedy-musical starring the director alongside Julia Roberts, Goldie Hawn and Alan Alda. The two-week stint in Venice marks Allen's second foray onto an Italian location, following scenes shot in a Sicilian resort for "Mighty Aphrodite." Despite the customary secrecy that surrounds Allen's features during production, Italian press reports give away basic plot elements. The story centers on a traditional, close-knit Jewish family with a half-crazy grandfather and an absent father. The Italian interlude features Allen and Roberts as father and daughter.
    mpool61@aol.com wrote on news:
    According to "Variety" (7/6/95), Judy Davis, Alan Alda, Ed Norton, Bette Midler, Drew Barrymore and Billy Crudip have joined Tim Roth and Julia Roberts in the untitled Woody Allen fall project, sources confirmed Wednesday.

    Davis, who starred in Allen's Husbands and Wives for TriStar Pictures, replaces Diane Keaton, who had a scheduling conflict.

    Alda worked with Allen on Crimes and Misdemeanors, and Midler, who has a cameo role in the new picture, team with Allen on Paul Mazursky's Scenes from a Mall.

    Barrymore is currently in Batman Forever; Crudip's coming projects include Sleepers.

    Allen's untitled fall project is executive produced by Jeanne Doumaniam and produced by Robert Greenhut. The picture is scheduled to be shot in New York and Paris in September.

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