Crimes and Misdemeanors

Year: 1989
Director: Woody Allen (AAN)
Martin Landau (S:AAN): Judah Rosenthal
Anjelica Huston: Dolores Paley
Woody Allen: Clifford Stern
Alan Alda: Lester
Sam Waterston: Ben
Mia Farrow: Halley Reed
Daryl Hannah: (cameo)
Written by: Woody Allen
Cinematography: Sven Nykvist
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The last time I was inside a woman was when I went to the Statue of Liberty
The guy was not sick at all. And he left a note. He left a simple note that said, "I've gone out the window." And this is a major intellectual, and he leaves this note. "i've gone out the window." I mean, what the hell does that mean? This guy was a role model. You'd think he'd leave a decent note.
Cliff: (defending himself; his wife had suggested he wasn't a very successful documentary filmmaker). What about that honorable mention at the Cincinatti Film Festival?
Wife: Everyone got honorable mention who showed up.



Brian wrote on news:
There appear to be similarities between the character Levy [..] and Primo Levi, the Italian Jewish writer (*The Drowned & the Saved*, *The Periodic Table*, *Truce*) who was a holocaust survivor and who suicided in 1987. Dave told me:
While [Brian's] point has often been made, Woody claims the name (and similarities) are coincidence...the film Levy was a character originally dreamed up for Annie Hall, back when that movie was going to be a murder mystery. Levy was to be an apparent suicide whose death seems suspicious to Alvy and Annie, who expose it as murder. To quote from Eric Lax's bio of Allen, "Lawyers for the publisher of Primo Levi...inquired if Woody was invoking him [in C&A]. Woody is an admirer of Levi's work, but he says that until their letter he made no connection between the two. Levy had been sitting around in his mind all those years and finally here was a chance to use him" (pg 283).

Of course, who knows what connections get made at the unconscious level?

Anders Herman Torp
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