Casino Royale

Year: 1967
Directors: Guest, Hughes, Huston, McGrath, and Parrish
Woody is: Jimmy Bond/Dr. Noah
Also starring:
David Niven: James Bond
Peter Sellers: Evelyn Tremble
Ursula Andress: Vesper Lindt
William Holden: Ransome (CIA)
John Huston: M/McTarry
Deborah Kerr: Mimi/Lady Fiona McTarry
Orson Welles: Le Chiffre
Jean-Paul Belmondo: French Legionnaire
Jacqueline Bisset: Miss Goodthighs
Peter O'Toole: Piper
Written by: Ian Fleming (novel), John Law, Wolf Mankowitz, Michael Sayers
Cinematography: Jack Hildyard, Nicolas Roeg
Net resource: The Internet Movie Database

Anders Herman Torp
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