Bullets over Broadway

Picture from the film

Year: 1994
Director: Woody Allen
Producer: Robert Greenhut
Also starring: John Cusack: David Shayn
Jack Warden: Julian Marx
Tony Sirico: Rocco
Chazz Palminteri: Cheec
Joe Viterelli: Nick Valenti
Jennifer Tilly: Olive Neal
Rob Reiner: Sheldon Flender
May-Louis Parker: Ellen
Dianne Wiest: Helen Sinclair
Harvey Fierstein: Sid Loomis
Jim Broadbent: Warner Purcell
Tracey Ullman: Eden Brent
Written by: Woody Allen, Douglas McGrath
Cinematography: Carlo DiPalma
Soundtrack: Available
Net resource: The Internet Movie Database, Movienet


  • Wiest and Cusack on bench
  • Dancing
  • Trivia

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