Anything Else


Year: 2003
Director: Woody Allen
Screenplay: Woody Allen
Producer: Letty Aronson
Woody is: David Dobel
Also starring:
Jason Biggs: Jerry Falk
Anthony Arkin: Pip's Comic
Fisher Stevens: Manager
Danny DeVito: Harvey
Christina Ricci: Amanda
Jimmy Fallon: Bob
Diana Krall: Herself
Kadee Strickland: Brooke (as KaDee Strickland)
William Hill: Psychiatrist
Stockard Channing: Paula
Maurice Sonnenberg: Movie Theater Patron
Kenneth Edelson: Hotel Desk Clerk
David Conrad: Dr. Reed
Joseph Lyle Taylor: Bill

Written by: David Dobel
Cinematography: Darius Khondji
Net resource: The Internet Movie Database


In eros veritas


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    Screen ratio:
    Anything Else and Manhattan are the only two Woody films in 2.35:1. All the rest are in 1.85:1.

    Anders Herman Torp
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