Year: 1998
Directors: Eric Darnell, Tim Johnson
Woody is: Z
Also starring:
Dan Aykroyd: Chip
Anne Bancroft: Queen
Jane Curtin: Muffy
Danny Glover: Barbatus
Gene Hackman: General Mandible
Jennifer Lopez: Azteca
John Mahoney: Grebs/Drunk Scout
Paul Mazursky: Psychologist
Grant Shaud: Foreman
Sylvester Stallone: Weaver
Sharon Stone: Princess Bala
Christopher Walken: Colonel Cutter
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Woody Allen is a disgruntled ant trying to escape the drudgery of the insect world in Dreamworks' first computer animated film.

"Maxx" told us on news:

Woody Allen recently returned to the studio for more voice work on Antz. He plays the lead ant named Z in the first full-length animated feature from DreamWorks and Pacific Data Images. "It's like painting little pieces of a jigsaw puzzle," says Tim Johnson, the 36-year-old co-director who has spent three years working on it. Sharon Stone is the voice of the beautiful princess Bala. And Johnson says one of the more amazing scenes is the ants' eye view of an incident in which Z and Bala are stuck to the gum on the sole of someone's shoe. "We realized this was not a movie about how small the ants are," says Johnson. "This is a film about how big the world is."
"nortonl" told me:
Antz is the first full length animated feature to be co-produced by Pacific Data Images and Dreamworks. It is a tale of an insect whose personal struggle with the day-to-day drudgery of a world populated by drones and dullards forces him to become the reluctant leader of a colony-wide revolt against conformity.
"Maxx" told us on news:
Z - Woody Allen - The star of the film, imagine Woody as a wussy ant living in a totalitarian ant mound ruled by the military industrial complex. And you're close.
Princess Bala - Sharon Stone - Z's love interest. Heh heh heh, finally Woody gets to do more than just stare as she drives by in the opposite direction in a bus, no fleeting life long love glances here.

Anders Herman Torp
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