Woody's European Tour

Woody and his New Orleans Jazz Band was on a European tour in 1996.

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Connor saw Woody in London

I saw Woody and the band play at the Royal Festival Hall in London's South Bank Center on Monday. When the show began, there were a swarm of photographers huddled in front of the stage from various magazines and newspapers, and after the band had played a few numbers, Woody took to the microphone and said a few words about the evening. He said he was really excited about playing in London, and described the kind of music they were going to play as New Orleans jazz such as the kind that could be heard "in parades...brothels...picnics..." His characteristic way of speaking had the tendency to generate laughter every time he got up to speak, even when he was just introducing the band. The music was terrific, and I would agree that Woody was the "secret center" of the band, although he was trying not to draw too much attention to himself, and almost everyone in the band got up to do solos in various numbers. It was a really great concert, and I went out and bought THE BUNK PROJECT immediately after, because the evening really whetted my appetite for that kind of music. All in all, a fantastic evening...

Woody in Frankfurt (March 14th) seen & heard by Ellen and Oliver from Heidelberg

Of course, Woody was the secret centre of the band, but he was in best company, as all the seven of them were applauded enthusiastically throughout the concert; especially Eddy Davis with his banjo and incoomparable singing turned out to be the darling of the evening.

Then, halfway, Woody and Eddy sent their companions away for a short stroll through Frankfurt city while they were charming the breathless fans with duets of unique beauty: Woody´s genuine clarinet-sound combined with Eddy´s amazing banjo-playing.

And apart from the bassist, they all let us hear their jazzy voices - even Woody when saying "thank you" and good bye.

All in all we were left enthralled after 2 1/2 hours (!) of truly soulful jazz - and it was not only us, who were touched: Woody, too, appeared to be deeply moved by the never-ending applause.

Lorenza Pierdicca saw Woody in Bologna

As I told you I went there and saw both of the concerts. On the night of the first show Woody's fans accumulated in front of his hotel which was on the main road and stopped the traffic hoping to see him coming out to reach the theatre that was a few steps from there. Of course he had to get out through the back door paying attention not to be seen as he was coming down the stairs (I think he would have never got to the theatre if he dared exiting the main door). The show was as nice as usual even if (due to a mistake by the ticket-office) about 200 seats had been left empty. The theatre was very big anyway, about 1400 seats in all. I invited a friend of mine and his wife and they were enthusiastic after the show. On Sunday my girlfriend (who works for the agency that promoted the tour) and I had lunch with Greg Cohen (the bass player) and Richard who is Woody Allen's tour manager in a restaurant in Bologna. I had already had dinner with Richard in Venice. I told him about Nicholas Milliet in Geneva and he said that he remembers about him (he told me there was this boy in the audience and then in the backstage aiming at him and saying "I have already seen you somewhere"). We have been talking a lot, we almost sat down for 4 hours, and had a wonderful meal. Woody and his family (there is even his sister with him) went back to Venice for a meal and a rest. On the way back his car driver got lost but he had a strong flu and was almost knocked out by high temperature. They were just half an hour late with no consequences on the show time. On the second concert's night the theatre was much fuller than the day before but there still were some empty seats. On these two days I had the chance to see a bunch of famous Italian people, probably unknown abroad but very popular here, like Alba Parietti, Eva Robbins, Red Ronnie and the singer Lucio Dalla (who also plays the clarinet) and said he was really impressed by Woody Allen and that the show was one of the best things he had ever seen. Shortly after the concert, as he has always done, Woody left the theatre. He got on his car and went to the airport to reach Rome. They didn't even stop to eat. I went with John (his manager) to a restaurant to get some sandwiches they were taking with them on the plane. The rest of the band stayed in Bologna and went out for a walk around this beautiful city. Well that's it. The next concerts in Italy will take place in Turin and Naples. Quite far to get there by car and Karen (my girlfriend) hasn't got anything to do in these cities so there won't be any chances for me to go to the last concerts. I have always been a great fan of Woody Allen as a film director and an actor and have always appreciated his sense of humor, even in his books, so it has been a great honor to me to get so close to him and see him playing without going to his pub in New York. When I go there, anyway, I'll pay a visit on a monday night and I could be able to see him again.
I saw Woody Allen's concert in Bologna on 9th March and I am enthusiastic about it! The atmosphere was magical, as you felt you were in one of his movies. He is just terrific and surely will give an important contribution to the promotion of "primitive" (as he has defined it), New Orleans jazz from the Roaring Twenties. The concert lasts two hours and he speaks twice or three times, but that's enough to make a myth of him. I've been learing to love Woody Allen quite recently - from 1990 - and I think his private life is much more serene now. You read it from his face. Great night!

Nicolas Milliet met Woody in Geneva

I just got back from a Woody Allen's concert which took place on February 27th, 1995. I got tickets because I know the girl who plays the piano in his band. She got us backstage passes so I could shake hands with my favourite actor and filmmaker. The concert was a success and the band received a standing ovation. Woody spoke in French, starting with something like "I don't know what is worse, my French or my clarinet..."

Backstage, everything was quite hectic with tour and road manager (I'm pretty sure the tour manager has played in one of Woody's movie; You know this young guy with round glasses who played the theater author who finally got succesful). I was there with my father who is a good New Orleans Jazz player.

Schiavo saw Woody in Milan

I saw Woody Allen and his band play in Milan on march the 5th. All I can say is that it was great. Well, I must confess that i'm not into jazz as much as i'm into Allen's movies, so besically the reason why I went to the concert was to see him. So I discovered that not only is he a great comedian, a professional actor, writer and director, he is also an accomplished musician! He played greatly enjoyable music for over one and a half hours, without a pause, that's what I call stamina! After the concert I was hoping to meet him at the stage exit, but he managed to flee, thus disappointing a bit the bunch of eager fans who were there waiting. Well, it was a great night anyway...

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